1.1kg plain flour (split 700g and 400g)
770ml luke warm water (split 700ml and 70ml)
2g dry yeast
pinch of salt
20g oil


Roughly combine 700g flour and 700ml water in a bowl with a spoon, and set aside for at least 30 minutes (an hour is better).

Activate 2g of yeast in 70ml of water.

Start the stand mixer, add the salt and the yeast and water mixture, and slowly add remaining flour bit by bit until all flour is added – this process should take about 15 minutes.

Let rise for a long time – a day (from morning to evening) is bare minimum. 24 hours is better.

It’ll be a very wet dough, but it’s not unmanageable. It shouldn’t be too springy when you’re rolling it out.

Bake it hot (really hot), on a hot stone, or ideally in a wood fired oven.