My Small Darkroom

This page is going to be an ongoing project, about an ongoing project. I’m going to use this page to document what equipment I have in my darkroom, and how I’ve got it laid out. It feels like I’m making good use of a small bench and room, and it might be of interest to people.

Developing Film

Developing film, technically, doesn’t need a darkroom. You just need somewhere with access to running water. I use the following equipment when developing film:

Making Prints

Making prints is a bit more involved, and does need a dark room. My darkroom is small, but works well for what I do. I use the following equipment for making prints:

  • Sink
  • Durst F30 enlarger
  • Masking frame (I don’t think they need to be this expensive!)
  • Focus finder
  • Safelight, so I can see
  • Three 8×10 developing trays
  • Three bamboo tongs with rubber ends
  • A clothesline
  • Plastic pegs

I also have a print dryer for fibre paper, but this is definitely in the non-essential pile of equipment.



Because it’s not a dedicated darkroom, my laundry needs to function as a laundry most of the time. So all of my darkroom equipment needs to be out of the way when it’s not in use. I installed a wall-hung drying rack for storing/drying the wet things.

I installed a shelf for storing all of the chemicals and other bits and pieces above this drying rack, and on the other side of the room, above the door, I installed a shelf to put the enlarger on.