There are a lot of smart people out there doing wonderful creative things. Below is a list of projects that I enjoy reading, or using.

She Throws – by Jean

Jean makes gorgeous pottery here in Adelaide. You can buy them on her website. Jean makes beautiful shapes and glazes with gorgeous vibrant colours.

Whither Weather – by Simon Elvery

In Adelaide today showers will be clearing by mid-afternoon with a maximum of 14°C.


Simon is collecting descriptions of the weather around the world. Descriptions beyond the dull, factual drawl of weather reporters. At the moment nothing is being done with them, that I know of, but I enjoy submitting them from time to time.

Hopefully one day they’ll be mapped and we’ll be able to read them as they appear around the world.

Arctic Obscura – by the Arctic Velocipedist

The main person who triggered my…relapse…into film photography is this guy. I don’t know his real name. When I sent my #tardigram to him, I addressed it to The Arctic Velocipedist. I think he enjoys the anonymity.

He takes gorgeous photos on obscure cameras in interesting locations around Anchorage, Alaska. Definitely worth reading.