I recently spun up a Rocket.Chat server using Linode/Akamai’s pre-rolled scripts, and it mostly worked well. The main issue being that the URI included in all the emails was stuck as the host name of the server rather than the site-url as set in the settings.

The fix is as follows

First of all connect to the server console (be it via LISH or SSH or however). Install the Mongo database client

sudo apt install mongodb-clients

Connect to the database by running


Select the parties database

use parties

Run a query to find the Site_Url setting and confirm that the correct URI is set in “value” and the incorrect URI is set in “packageValue”

db.rocketchat_settings.find({"_id" : "Site_Url"}).pretty()

Run a query to update “packageValue” to the correct URI (replace <correct URI> with your URI)

db.rocketchat_settings.update({"_id" : "SiteUrl"},{$set:{packageValue:"<correct URI>"}})

Repeat the find query to make sure the change was made. Reboot the server and the problem should be solved.