I had a feeling it would be fun. I had a feeling it would fit right in with my current attempts at slowing down.

So far I have printed 14 postcards. I’ve sent three cards overseas: One has gone to Anchorage, Alaska in the USA, one to a village near Nagano in Japan, and another to Malmö in Sweden. Some are for old friends. Some for new ones. None to random people. Yet. I’m looking forward to my first postcard to someone completely random. I have a few more to print, but that will have to be a job for this weekend.

Screen-snip of message from friend holding the card I had sent.

Above is the response from a friend (an old one, whom I see far too infrequently). I have to say that this response is exactly what I wanted from this little project. A bit of joy in somone’s mailbox. Something different in amongst the bills…that’s not an expiation notice. I look forward to getting more snaps from people when they receive their tardigram.

If people start sending me random photographs in the mail that would be even better. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Let me know if you want one. Somehow. Try @techoglot on Twitter or @TechnicalKO@aus.social.

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