I found this draft sitting around several days ago, and I thought “that’s a good idea!”. Just like I did when I first started the draft, which I have no recollection of. It’d be fun to write something snarky about lucky hits amongst rubbish song-writing.

I had This Love by Maroon 5 in the list. Building Steam with a Grain of Salt by DJ Shadow. This Train Will Be Taking No More Passengers by Augie March. Some track by Phoenix.

So there were only four tracks in my Top 5. It was a draft. I’ll forgive myself.

But then I thought I should listen to the other songs by those bands. Properly listen to them.

So now I’m stuck.

Really stuck.

Those bands all have some other great songs.

Journey have good songs other than Don’t Stop Believin’.

A-ha have many songs better than Take on Me.

Chumbawamba, it turns out, is some anarchist group of…well…anarchists who have a bunch of punk songs. (Their first album was released on Crass Records!)

So, I guess, what I hadn’t done before, was give those bands enough time to appreciate the time, effort, and dedication that they had put in to every song. Which is probably a good lesson for everything in life. Don’t dismiss too quickly. Don’t assume something is bad. Pay attention. Listen. Look.