Public Speaking Sucks

I can’t remember the last time I had to speak in public. I avoid it at all cost. Even in small gatherings, if I need to present something or say something prepared my brain just stops. I want to get better at it. And the only way to do that is to do public speaking.

I think starting in a group of friends and friendly people is good. Starting with a familiar/fun topic is good. For as long as you want or need.


On the afternoon of 15 September 2024 at a venue to be announced (most likely my house) there will be facility for you to present to a group of friends and friendly people. On a topic of your choosing. There will be snacks and stuff. Drinks. BBQ dinner.

If you would like to present, please drop me an email. If you don’t know my email address, ask me on Instagram or wherever you got the link for this page.

Details to come.

I’d love it if you would come and listen to me talk about something. I’d love it even more if you would come and present on something. Maybe on travel. But probably not.

Laban Rata, Borneo